Make Your Christmas Party A Night At The Races

Whether you are hosting your Christmas party in person or remotely this year, add some fast-paced, just-for-fun excitement and make it a virtual Christmas night at the races!

In partnership with At The Races, Track Night brings the most exciting horse races and commentary the UK has to offer. And with the most advanced software on the market, we make all players feel at the centre of the action.

Track Night Christmas Party Packages allow you to customise your virtual horse racing event:

  • Add your company logo
  • Choose the number of races
  • Name each of the races
  • Set the starting pot for the just-for-fun betting
  • Up to 400 players

Whether you are looking to host a remote office Christmas party, or get your team together in person for a night of fun, get in touch and let us help customise your Track Night!


  1. Up to 20 players - £50 + vat
  2. 20 to 50 players - £100 + vat
  3. 50 to 100 players - £200 + vat
  4. 100 - 400 players - £300 + vat

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Get in touch and let's get your party booked!